The official main site has updated with a little bit more about the Mega Evolution special. Mostly the same info as yesterday but it does provide a little bit more info plus some character pics!

The story focuses on a young man, Alan, and his partner Charizard. Alan, engrossed with the mastery of Mega Evolution, goes on a journey with the goal of defeating all the Mega evos to establish which Mega evolved pokemon is the strongest. His partner evolves into Mega Charizard X, btw (if you couldn’t guess from his outfit). On the way we meet several new characters in addition to Alan that are unique to this special (from right to left) Manon, Rui (Louie?), Ayaka, and even the Elite Four Siebold will make an appearance (though who his Mega Evo will be is something we’ll have to wait and see….. My guess is Mega Blastoise because it mentions that there will be a grand battle with a Mega Blastoise).
It also mentions there will be battles with a Mega Absol and Mega Garchomp playing a huge role, though it doesn’t specify who owns them.

Don’t miss it at the regular time on 4/3. It’s only 30 mintutes long ;w;
(since this is as “act 1” I wonder if it means there will be more and this is the outline for the whole thing or they’re just going to pack it in a whole bunch like Origins)


My favourite Land Sharks!!!

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