you know when i started this year i never expected to be obesessed with two groups of teenagers killing eachother because a bear told them so


MeganeBu! In Namja Town event announced!Similar to the Dangan Ronpa event that is currently happening, it will be a tie-in attraction with special food, and a possible special event on Christmas is hinted at. Not much detail is available yet, … Continue reading

sprite edit tips?


I use SAI to make my sprites for the most part. If you want to change the color of something (for example, Naegi’s jacket) then use an overlay. You can play around with the opacity too to get what you want.

If you want to add something to a sprite (let’s put a flower in his hair shall we) then select the pen brush in SAI and set the size to 0.7. I usually set the layer opacity to 85% for this.

After I have what I want and all that jazz I set the layer texture to paper so I can emulate the texture found on the original sprites themselves.

I know you can’t really see it there but the flower now has the same texture as the rest of the sprite after I set the texture.

ahhh I hope I could help ;u ;

if you think about it….

as pointed out on 2ch earlier, Pikachu’s voice actress (Ikue Ohtani) has been saying variants of “Pikachu” for nearly 20 years. All the time. Every week.

That’s a loooong time. Imagine trying to infuse “Pikapi?” with meaning for nearly 20 years.

I applaud you, Ms. Ohtani.